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LATEST CHANGES (May 3, 2021 @ 9.50pm AEST)

Moved entries about Yuval Levental to a new blog.

This blog is being treated as a site for commentary under the stubs shown above by subject. What you will find under these stubs are as follows;

2 News: This is where I note the news from other sites. The subject matter may enforce a division of this at a later date.

3 Editorial: This is the core section for my personal views based on the news stories only and nothing else. This is where my blog posts are.

4 Neurodiversity: This is simply an advisory on the real definition of this term in full detail. This is presented to oppose those who try to push the term as a political one instead of by it’s correct meaning.

5 Awards: The Phil’s World ASD Awards as described on the page.

7 Suzi Olsen: A public apology per an otherwise confidential mediation agreement.

About: Speaks for itself, and includes the names of the people who are not permitted to comment anywhere on this blog. It also explains my compliance with Word Press’s TOS re defamation and so forth.