Late DX’s don’t help

It was disturbing to read the story from the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday that showed a study revealing that Autism DX’s were being delayed.

Cheryl Dissanayake, who works at the Olga Tennison Autism Research Centre at Latrobe Uni in Melbourne, is right to be concerned. That research centre is a ripper and helps the understanding of the condition to a very high level. For them to make this discovery is disconcerting. But I disagree with the good professor on the cause. She speculates that it’s regular doctors and others within the medical profession who need to be better educated in the signs. I think it’s the fear of the condition by parents. They don’t want to face the challenge by and large – and that fear can be laid at the door of moronic organisations like Autism Speaks, and foolish individuals like Meryl Dorey and loud mouth parents within Australia like Alisa Cooney – and thanks to the Internet even bigger mouths like Ginger Taylor, Sherri Tenpenny et al. Not to mention the idiots I’ve come across personally like John Best, Oliver Canby and Jonathan Mitchell.

I’ve visited the research centre before and I have another enquiry to make elsewhere at Latrobe Uni so I will drop in there and make that point. This is on the back of a story I heard on Fairfax Radio News this morning through Ballarat’s 3BA about the increase in the number of “conscientious objections” to vaccines. This is also connected to the fear of Autism, and it has to stop. Autism is genetic in origin (as Professor Dissanayake pointed out) and if your child has it, there is nothing you can do. You can’t ignore it – that’s dangerous. It won’t go away. It’s there for life and you have to adjust to it, and the earlier the better.


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      1. Should mention that the site Clark was spamming was a site that is supported by the Scientology cult. Nuff said!

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