Rest in pieces, James Bradstreet

No foul play. The family, whilst understandably upset, has nothing to hang their hat on with this ridiculous claim that James Bradstreet was murdered.

Here’s what I think – the story linked mentions a raid by the Food and Drug Administration and the Georgia Drugs and Narcotics Agency. No one has said anything about the purpose of the raid and the fact that the office was locked and plastic sheets were hanging over the windows. My guess is one of two options. The first (and more likely of the two in my opinion) was the search for secretin. Secretin is a hormone that occurs naturally in the body according to Wikipedia (yes I know not the best source but I’m typing this on the fly) and is apparently associated with gut functioning. It should only be used externally to treat gut issues but only if there is a proven under-supply of secretin in the gut. Otherwise it would be a chelation agent – and that’s dangerous in the absence of excess heavy metals.

Bradstreet’s son is Autistic, and he apparently responded to treatment through secretin. Like my old enemy John Best Junior, Bradstreet misinterpreted this result as a cure for Autism, when in fact all he was doing was treating an under supply of secretin. The physical evidence was better gut functioning resulting in a heightening of functioning levels. Exactly the same thing happened with Best’s son when he tried ALA and it cured the gut issue as well because it was blocked up. In both cases there was a sensory overload there and it treated that overload. But it did not and can never cure the Autism.

So the search for secretin could have been for reasons of a charge of malpractice, would would have cost Bradstreet his license to practice medicine and maybe even some jail time. My guess is they found the secretin and would have been preparing to press charges. Bradstreet’s suicide is therefore explained by refusing to face the charges and the jail time that would adversely affect his son.

The second less likely option is the search for drugs in general that the state drug agency regards as illegal. The result would have been the same – an arrest, charges and a jail term. Being struck off may also have happened but that entirely depends on what they were looking for and may or may not have found. The same applies to the malpractice option.

Either way, Bradstreet should not be remembered as a hero or a saviour. He should be remembered as a dangerous quack by the mainstream. If his family want to remember him personally that’s up to them, but I will say this to them. The boy who is now father-less will be Autistic for life. That was always going to be the case no matter what. The adjustments needed should be done although at 19 it is likely too late. The adjustments should have been made 14 years ago.

And Bradstreet is an example of holding up the understanding of Autism, and scaring people away from vaccines. For that he should not be celebrated. He should be condemned. Hence I say, rest in pieces.


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