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Jodie Wirth, Please pay attention

I have to put this here and I have asked either the other admins at All About Anti Vaxxers or Sam Redfern to link this – as from what I’ve been told she has bailed after being given quite the bake on Facebook. Jodie, you need to read this and understand what you are doing wrong.

First off, here is what she said;

I think it’s a possibility that regression is a separate issue to autism and the cause of regression is different to the cause of autism.
I think it’s also possible that people with a genetic predisposition to autism may be more likely to experience regression.
Another possibility is that this subgroup of children who regress are not born autistic and the regression coincides with the onset of autism.

Unfortunately none of the research that I have read focuses solely on the regressive group or the ID group other than Dr Deisher’s research, which excludes the high functioning group and shows a link between autism and vaccines that contain human DNA contaminants due to the use of fetal cell lines in the manufacture. I understand that this theory cannot explain autism in the older generation of autistics although both viral and autoimmune encephalitis can also be caused by some wild viruses and explain regression. Some live viral vaccines can cause encephalitis too regardless of DNA contaminants.
I would like to see more research that focuses on the ID group and/or the recessive group.

I agree that vaccines are not proven to cause regressions to the frequency claimed. Like my son, there are many who experienced a recognised regression that is currently considered ‘of unknown cause’. While a cause remains unestablished it’s unproven one way or the other if vaccination has or hasn’t played a part or caused the regression. The vaccine my son received prior to the regression can cause regression due to viral or autoimmune encephalitis. You are correct in saying there may be another cause but since vaccination is the most obvious cause due to the temporal association I am pursuing that possibility further at the moment and the medical professionals recognise it is a possibility. The geneticist we saw last year said after finding no abnormalities during genetic testing that my sons condition may not have a genetic cause, and this geneticist is aware of the ASD in our family. When I go back later this year I will question him further about whether he means the ASD, the ID or both. I, like you, see the ID as a severe form of autism rather than a separate condition which would mean that a regression is either the cause of the autism or making a very mild case of autism much worse.

Your sensory overload theory is only a theory and not a proven possibility like the theory I have mentioned. For that reason and the reasons I already mentioned I find it hard to seriously consider. Could you explain how you came up with the theory? I’m trying to establish why it would be any more credible than past theories like refrigerator mothers that are now known to be incorrect. I have given it some thought but I still don’t fully understand whether you mean something psychological, physical or either as a source of regression and why you even believe this to begin with. I also don’t know what you mean by reversing it. I’m interested in your mention of the sixth sense as I remember my eldest telling me to look at a man that wasn’t there when he was little. My severely affected son can be in fits of laughter like he is being tickled to death even though he is alone. I’m not sure if it’s a surge of brain chemicals because doctors just say that’s common with these kids. Do you have any thoughts you’re happy to share?

Now before I go to my response, there was some interim material. It started with one of the AAAV admins calling her out on the comment that “Another possibility is that this subgroup of children who regress are not born autistic and the regression coincides with the onset of autism” calling it rubbish and that there was no possibility of it at all. I repeated that in my reply as you’ll shortly see. Jodie asked if AAAV felt the geneticist was wrong and referenced this person as “highly trained” and AAAV answered “Yes” and added that Autism has no genetic identity so the geneticist wouldn’t know. Jodie agreed that there was no genetic identity and used that to assume that the whole thing was still up in the air, causing Sam Redfern to roar in and tell her that there was no alternative explanation that was valid – and that “Wild speculation based in emotional anecdotes don’t count”. Jodie countered by suggesting she had provided other valid explanations – totally ignoring Sam’s note about anecdotes, and AAAV shot back that she’d provided no valid explanations. She tried to counter again by claiming that genetics didn’t explain developmental regression, and AAAV rightly pointed her to my sensory overload theory and told her to read it again and this time pay attention to it. Jodie is yet to respond and I suspect she has indeed left the thread. Steve Pemberton linked a superb article from The Conversation to back up the genetics argument and AAAV advised that I would be told about it – and of course I have been.

So here is my response to what she said.

This comment I’m responding to is utterly offensive in so many ways. For a start, AAAV is right. That is impossible. Autism is genetic, and no exceptions. Steve’s link is superb. If Deisher is saying otherwise, then that means she is another in a long line of quacks who doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Vaccines are a compound and have no such contents in that compound form. That is basic chemistry. Just like salt and water. You don’t judge them on their chemical content, so you don’t judge vaccines on their chemical content either. Your son did not get encephalitis from the vaccine you think caused the regression. That’s impossible. It is NOT the most obvious cause. The most obvious cause is sensory overload and you really have to wrap your mind around it because again – it makes the most sense.

You wasted your time going to a geneticist, because that sort of person can not possibly see any obvious difference without knowing where to look. All brains are different. There is no brain that is exactly the same in any human being – Autistic or neurotypical. A regression is impossible without the existing presence of Autism. It can not be created in that way. No Autism – no regression. Simple.

You will consider sensory overload, because you have already accepted the existence of sensory sensitivity, right? The two go together – cause and effect. The more sensory sensitive one is, the more likely a sensory overload. Again – that’s where you need to be looking. It’s so simple I just can’t understand why you can’t see it. Or is it a case of you won’t? Sensory overload has nothing to do with the bunked fridge mother rubbish – if anything that idea would cause a “sensory underload”. Yes I made that up in order for you to get the idea. It’s all about one of the six senses being overloaded and the brain can’t take it. Stress is an example of the sixth sense being overloaded. What happens when you are stressed? It hurts right? Multiply that a few times for your high functioning kids. Multiply it thirty times for your youngest. Brain chemicals have nothing to do with it. It’s the brain itself. Your youngest may be laughing without an apparent reason because he has simply thought about something and loves it. It’s random because his brain is still overloaded so there’s no way of telling what actually he was laughing at.

It looks to me like you’ve got a lot to learn about Autism. Just looking at your kids clearly hasn’t taught you enough, and you’re clearly reading the wrong material.

And that is that.