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MTHFR gene has nothing to do with Autism

It was recently brought to my attention that a number of people are giving credence to the idea that the MTHFR gene is a player in the genetic make up of Autism.

The basis of this claim derives from the racist view that Autism is damage. It’s not. It is human difference, difference that commands respect. Anyone who goes down this damage path is therefore a racist as it shows zero respect for our rights as human beings.

MTHFR AKA Methylene tetrahydrofolate reductase is the coding for the gene. A deficiency in this gene is rare, but it can be treated easily and quickly. There have been people who have blamed this gene on every disease on the planet, which is frankly a joke and makes no sense because that makes a mockery of the claim that exists that it is only present in 50 percent on the population.

According to the ever reliable Science Based Medicine website, this rubbish started with a naturopath named Ben Lynch. A naturopath. Of course. Up there with all the quacks of the planet who think they know better than properly trained scientists. He runs a site called “” and runs through a plethora of lies about what the gene is responsible for. He only has an undergraduate degree in cell and molecular biology, which by itself is worthless. It needs back up and all Lynch has is a degree in Naturopathic Medicine from well known alternative medicine institution, Bastyr University. He has no fellowships, and has done no residencies or post undergraduate studies in genetics. He has never published anything in the field that has been peer reviewed. All he has in the dreaded anecdotal “evidence”, which as we know is worthless without proper back up and investigation.

There is an Australian website that needs to be called out as well; “”. It supports the view that Autism is damage and not difference. Not only that, it support Methyl B12 as a treatment, consistent with the deranged view of John Best Junior! So much for that for credibility! If it wasn’t for the fact that Autism is not recognised as a protected group by hate laws (something I am trying to find a way to change) I’d be reporting this site as a hate group to the Human Rights Commission.

As there is nothing else to back this up by anyone independent of Lynch, this has to be put down as rubbish. Autism stands as is – a genetic difference. I am still yet to get a counter to my theory of the true origins of Autism – the behaviours. To repeat; a diagnosis on the Autistic spectrum requires a certain number of behaviours (five). It is possible to have less than five and not be Autistic. I firmly believe that every single human being on the face of the Earth has at least one of the behavioural traits. No one has none of them. I stand by that as the true genetic origin of Autism and – as Stone Cold Steve Austin would say – that’s all I got to say about that!