This blog is about the truth about Autism as defined by the DSM-5. I am an Autism Activist who doesn’t suffer fools gladly and I will not pull any punches when it comes to telling the truth about enemies of the Autistic Spectrum. This blog never lies about anyone – or never makes statements based on unverifiable evidence. I take defamation very seriously, and if I say something you don’t like it is because I believe it to be true – and it is up to you to provide evidence that proves me wrong. This does not include inferences and return statements that can not be proven. I don’t take a person at their word without evidence to back it up.

The following people are banned from commenting on this blog, unless they are the subject of the entry concerned;

  1. John Best Junior
  2. Oliver Canby
  3. The Informer
  4. Ruby
  5. Shelley/Droopy and CharlesR
  6. Billy Cresp AKA Lurker
  7. Suzanne Olsen
  8. Any member of The Limbo Club

The purpose of this new blog is to restore the battle against Autism haters – and divide them up into sections. So it will be a mixture of news and editorial commentary plus a couple of other bits and pieces such as the legal actions against Best and Canby. It also includes linked material to my website. This material is not defamatory as they represent verifiable truth and opinion based on that truth.

There is also the side purpose of promoting vaccines as safe and that they have nothing to do with Autism at all.

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