Reverse Ableism and it’s effects

I felt pressed into posting this blog entry, after a case of reverse ableism and ignorance of it caused the demise of a political group that I was co-founder of – Spectrum Labor.

Reverse ableism exists. Anyone who claims it doesn’t, or “it’s not an issue” or “it’s not a thing” is not living in the real world. It is one of many forms of reverse discrimination. The most obvious of these are reverse racism and reverse sexism. Reverse racism came to prominence in the late 60’s in the form of the Black Panthers. They went way too far in the fight for black rights in America, and in fact one could put the argument that their behaviour is at the very least partly why it has taken so long for black rights in the US to be truly in place after 50 years. I’m not saying that’s right. I’m saying that logically it makes sense. It’s a very good reason for those who are fighting for black rights through the Black Lives Matter mantra need to ensure that such conduct is penalised as best as possible.

Reverse sexism doesn’t have a group representing it thankfully (as far as I know anyway), but I do know of two individuals who are absolutely reverse sexists. Germaine Greer and Clementine Ford – especially Ford. She is well known for infamous anti male remarks that go way beyond where they should be targeted. As far as she’s concerned – all males are bastards. No exceptions. I have to describe a lot of her nonsense as reverse misogyny. Greer hasn’t been as bad as that, but her reaction to Steve Irwin’s passing was pathetic to say the least. These two – and others like them – paint males as the sole perpetrators of domestic violence as an example, and jump on males who have legitimately been victims. It’s true that the majority of incidents like that are male perpetrated and the female is the victim. But there are instances where the opposite has applied. It is ignorance to say otherwise. The actions of reverse sexists – alongside the likes of Phyllis Schafly – are disgusting and in fact one could again put the argument that their behaviour is at the very least partly why it has taken so long for women’s rights to be truly in place. Again – I’m not saying that’s right. I’m saying that logically it makes sense.

So with that background of the threat reverse discrimination poses – we come back to reverse ableism. And in particular, reverse ableism in Autism.

I previously reflected on this blog in the entry “Can there be a truce in the Autism War?” and I said at the time in 2019 that the answer is ‘No’ – certainly not at the stage things were at then. Of course because of the COVID-19 pandemic a lot has changed in the world, but this idiocy that plays a role in splintering the Autistic community has stayed the same.

Late in 2020 we had the proof – the reaction to the trailer for Sia’s controversial movie ‘Music’. The focus at this point was on the fact that the role of the title character, who was Autistic, went to neurotypical Maddie Zeigler. Reverse ableists were jumping on Sia for not casting an Autistic actress in the role, and they were accusing her of ableism. During these tirades it was stated that all roles of this nature should be played by Autistic actors and actresses and no neurotypicals should even be considered.

That is bullshit.


Because it makes us just as bad as those who are shutting Autistics out. The perfect definition of reverse ableism. Neurotypicals should get the chance to play what is a very challenging role – and it has worked and magnificently. I cite Dustin Hoffman’s Academy Award winning performance in ‘Rain Man’ as the best example. Now while Rain Main is subject to more recent criticism of stereotypes, one must remember that they worked from a limited base. It was after all 1983, eleven years before the DSM-IV and four years before the text revision of the DSM-III. Another lesser known example comes from even further back – 1978. Neurotypical child actor David Hollander portrayed an Autistic in the Quincy M.E episode ‘A Test for Living’. This was another magnificent performance, based on limited knowledge and in fact is a really good example of seeking appropriate support – an issue that is just as important today as it was then. The two can’t be compared of course, because the role of Timmy Carson in the Quincy episode was not a prominent one. It was about the parents. The role of Ray Babbitt was absolutely the focus of the movie.

There is a more recent example that I’m not a fan of, but I blame the writers more than the actor in this case – Freddie Highmore in The Good Doctor. His monotone delivery is very stereotypical and not indicative of someone in his position. He should be talking faster for a start and we can speak in a normal tone (I can attest to that and I’m nowhere near the only one).

The attacks on Sia for the casting of Maddie at the outset was not on. Sia knew she was being attacked and fired back in kind – totally provoked. I posted a message in these terms on her Facebook page (it was on here that I was offensively told that reverse ableism was “not a thing”). The abuse was over the top and uncalled for – and a very obvious example of reverse ableism.

Now this is relevant to the demise of Spectrum Labor – because the subject of Sia’s movie was brought up during an online event late last year. I repeated the view on Sia’s conduct, and I also stated at that time that Spectrum Labor was against reverse ableism. That was a tacit note that it was banned from our group. Maybe I should have made it a formal rule, but I doubt that would have made a difference in hindsight.

The threat posed by reverse ableism is real. One of the things I have always been big on is diversity and equality. Reverse ableism goes against both of those things. The anti diversity factor is demonstrated in those who insist that the diagnostic process has to return to the DSM-IV and further the Autistic Spectrum be divided into totally separate conditions. Someone called it Neurodiversity 2.0. Again – it’s BS. And it goes back to a lack of understanding of Autism.

The equality factor goes wider and in a different direction. Here, the reverse ableism lies in not so much understanding of Autism itself, but understanding it from the view of those outside the community. I don’t mean agreeing with it of course – that’s not the point. If you understand where they are coming from, you are in a much stronger position to deal with it appropriately.

Which leads me to the reverse ableist incident that led to the demise of Spectrum Labor.

Compared to other acts of reverse ableism, or indeed reverse discrimination of any description, the actual incident was minor – concerning nothing more than a minor change to the access process of certain books for Autistics (not books in general on the subject I would point out) being available in a public library. My co-founder called it blatantly wrong. I tried to talk her down (while noting that the library’s handling of it wasn’t the best) but she wouldn’t listen. It was the first inkling of reverse ableism – and if she hadn’t been my co-founder I would have just booted her out of the group. But that wasn’t an option. So I deleted the comment in the hope that it would blow over.

But my co-founder came back and complained about it. I didn’t respond to that, but I saw in the comments from another member a complaint about the lack of democracy. It was also here that the comment was made about reverse ableism “not being an issue”. I deleted the comment again, and set my co-founder’s original comments to admin approval hoping again that it would stop her. I also posted a message stating that I was on the verge of shutting the group down and the reasons why. To prevent more reverse ableist complaining, I locked the entry to comments.

But it didn’t work. It would be a private conversation in PM that would convince me that I had no choice. No one was seeing the problem. The co-founder was making a mountain out of a molehill (or as I put it in the PM conversation “making a federal case out of it”) and yet she was getting support. Not from the person I spoke to in PM – I want to make that clear. Also it was clear that no one was respecting the tacit ban on reverse ableist activity. Now – granted – I should have made it clear at that point. But I could tell the infestation was out of control, and as I said – I had no choice.

I removed everyone from the group – shutting it off. I unpublished the Facebook page and set the website to private. I also blocked my co-founder. I wanted nothing to do with her now. She’d played her hand as a reverse ableist and that meant she was not a part of the solution. She was part of the problem.

When I posted on my own timeline about the demise of the group, the person who said “it’s not an issue” roared in (she was on my friend’s list at the time) and again attacked me for a lack of democracy. She was imputing clearly that the issue of reverse ableism needed to be discussed.


That is giving voice to the devil. It’s giving voice to the Black Panthers in race issues. It’s giving voice to Greer and Ford in women’s rights issues. It is giving voice to those who want all acting roles in the Autism realm to go exclusively to Autistics. It’s all anti diversity and anti equality. It should not be discussed. It should be silenced. It paints the core movement in a bad light – a bad apple in the barrel if you like. You don’t discuss the presence of the bad apple. You chuck it out.

As I said – I am all about equality and diversity. I am against those who threaten it. I blocked that other member, and two more who liked her comment. It was not on, and it showed just how bad the infestation was. My decision was vindicated.

So what am I doing going forward? No actual decision has been made yet on whether or not I’ll create another group. Aside from the fact that I should not do it straight away (that would be seen as petty), there is already the issue of getting our message out at least to the Labor Party here in Australia. Not to mention my own issues of getting my core website stable and online. But whatever I do I will be back. I will continue my work as an Autism Activist. Reverse ableists beware. You are not on the side of the Autistic community, especially when it comes to Autism Acceptance. Not Autism Awareness – Autism Acceptance. You lot keep up your antics, you’ll continue to alienate an already fearful general community who we should be educating.

Not depriving them of their rights to equal whatever in order for us to get something we want. It doesn’t work like that, it never has and it never will.

Thomas Clements is out of touch

On the back of Yuval Levental’s overdue blocking from editing Wikipedia I thought it would be an idea to do an update on his friend Thomas Clements. The draft Levental did on him will be deleted per Wikipedia procedure in the next month or so and thank goodness for that.

Yes, and I think liberalism is in part to blame. We need something more robust if the West is to revive as a civilization.

This was in reply to someone who was looking for balance between liberalism and conservatism. It’s clear that Clements, judging by this reply, wants nothing to do with liberty. He’s against freedom. Think about that.

How long will it take people to twig that #BlackLivesMatter is just another woke-capitalist scam?

Excuse me? Capitalist? I suppose you think it’s a government cover up as well like that maniac John Best Junior? That is sheer ignorance and borderline racist in my opinion.

Curiously the only other counter-protester at my local #BlackLivesMatter demo was an old-school Marxist who regards the very concept of race as “purely reactionary”. He, like me, was denounced by the crowd as a “racist knuckle-dragger”.

Good. I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed that they were right. That comment by Clements’ friend was in effect saying that the Klu Klux Klan didn’t exist.

Trolling the local white middle-class #BlackLivesMatter protest. Police threatened me with a “breach of the peace” if I didn’t leave.

Quite right. The police knew a provocational presence when they saw it and were heading it off.

Polite middle-class liberals in suburbia couldn’t give a damn about black kids shooting each other in the inner-cities.

Oh yes they do! The real reason they shoot each other is out of frustration of the general situation they are in and some cope better than others leading to clashs. Solution? All black lives matter. Oh and when someone called the comment harsh, Clements called it the truth. BS.

The reason I oppose #BlackLivesMatter is the same reason I oppose #Neurodiversity. Both movements exploit the sufferings of struggling communities for their own selfish agendas, trampling on the most vulnerable in the process. Who is #DefundThePolice going to hurt the most?

BULL! Neurodiversity is about ALL Autistics! Clements is against this – he wants no help whatsoever from those of us at the higher end who have been treated badly. I for one want to help struggling Autistics and their parents. If they don’t want to be helped that’s a different matter entirely, but you can’t tell Clements that. He and people like him are the ones trampling on the most vulnerable by keeping Autism in the conversation as an all world bad thing. Aside from the fact that Neurodiversity and Black Lives Matter are not the same thing. The Defund the Police hash tag only applies in the US by the way (remember, Clements is British).

Neurodiversity has been co-opted by PoMo neo-Marxists, mate.

This was in reply to someone IDing his comments that I just buried accusing Clements of comparing neurodiversity to a neo Marxist movement, and it’s downright offensive to say the least! Marxism is a version of Communism that has no place in a free society. Clements is only making that comparison for his own right wing restrictive agenda to – as I just said – keep Autism recognised as a bad thing. It’s a stigma that needs to be put in it’s place and that starts with laws against hate speech against the Autistic community.

The paradox of modern ‘liberalism’ in one tweet. Preach kindness and tolerance, superficially at least, only to treat those with different views with the utmost unkindness and intolerance.

There is a difference between agreeing to disagree and having a crack at someone, when that other person is being racist and every other hateful belief and railing against the real truth. Clements is a hypocrite saying this because he is unkind and intolerant to the max, and I have every right to call him out on that.

That’ll do I think.

Levental can’t handle the truth

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Manuel Casanova is looking for trouble

This title for a blog entry says it all;
“Steve Silberman and his Tribe of Nazi Sympathizers”

In the blog entry (which I refuse to link from here) Casanova tries to write off the title saying;

“I realize that the title of this blog is worded in strong terms and that the same may be misconstrued by some readers. The title was meant as a play on words with “Neurotribe” and the fact that his anointed saint of the Neurodiversity movement was a Nazi sympathizer.”

Play on words or not, it’s not on because it insinuates that everyone who agrees with Steve is by default a Nazi sympathiser. I for one repudiate that 1000 percent (that’s not a misprint – 1000). In the entry he went on to paint Hans Asperger in the same way John Donvan and Caren Zucker did, in the process also attacking Steve’s journalistic intergrity – even claiming in effect that Steve didn’t deserve the Samuel Johnson Award for Neurotribes. Not to mention taking a quote from Steve in the Financial Times back in June 2015 out of context!

This continued hate towards Asperger and known enemies in Jonathan Mitchell and Yuval Levental in the comments caused me to write the following comment;

This is ridiculous. Everyone – STOP using the word “Neurodiversity” in the manner you are! It’s the “Autism RIghts Movement”. Neurodiversity is brain difference. Neuro. Diversity. It’s not a bloody movement for crying out loud! That’s the first thing.

Second thing – if Kanner copied Asperger how come they came to different conclusions? Not only that – they worked on two different areas of the Spectrum; Kanner on the mid zone (classic Autism) and Asperger on the high end. Remember as well – no one based in Austria was anywhere near the upper reaches of the Third Reich. They were all in Berlin – no exceptions. So there should be no overplaying of any role Asperger had in it. Any death warrant he signed was forced. He deliberately promoted his main group of patients as “little professors” precisely to PROTECT them from Hitler and his cronies. Those kids would have been killed like the others otherwise. Asperger SAVED lives. Never ever do a body count and think that’s the whole story. It’s lazy and plays to the hate and fear of the whole Spectrum.

And you, Manuel, are playing right into the hands of the haters. The two authors of A Different Key are established haters. Steve has seen that hence the argument that has ensued. See that the haters within the Autistic community (Mitchell, Levental and Clements amongst others) sway to them out of comfort. Those who do the real research and truly understand Autism for what it really is side with Steve Silberman.

We need to be unified. Clements said on Twitter that he opposes that – supporting in the process the “divide and conquer” mentality of the haters. It’s not on, anti-diversity to the point of bigotry along the same lines of the hate aimed at people with coloured skin and/or are a part of the LGBTIQ+ community.

You have the educational background, Manuel. Please use it and understand that you need to distance yourself from the haters, not become one of them.

I was prepared to give Casanova the benefit of the doubt as this went into the moderation queue.

Then it was modded out.

I’m glad I recorded it because by modding it out, Casanova showed his true colours. He’s not part of the solution. He’s part of the problem. And with this blog entry I expose the problem for the world to see. This is what happens when you play with fire, Casanova – you get burnt. The Autism Rights Movement will remain. There is no such thing as the Neurodiversity Movement – there never has been and there never will be.

Thomas Clements at work with his lies

I’ve decided to keep track of Thomas Clements on Twitter, and there is some right royal rubbish being said there. For example;

“Autistic people should be helped into suitable work if they’re able, but the promotion of ‘neurodiverse’ conditions as a competitive advantage is highly misguided, not least because it marginalises those with profound levels of cognitive impairment.”

The article in the Guardian is an excellent one and promotes the potential of Autism appropriately. So Clements is out of line trying to make this about those at the other end of the Autistic spectrum – when those Autistics can’t work. Is Clements claiming they can? If he is then he needs to get his head out of the sand and quit this nonsense. The issue of those at that end of the spectrum is totally separate and should not even be brought up in this context.

Clements is doing this because he sees us getting a job as a non issue compared to those who have profound needs. That’s offensive to say the least. What is needed is EVERYTHING! Jobs AND supports. It’s not one or the other, Clements!

Meanwhile, Clements also tweeted this link;

I’ll have to have a proper look at this. It uses Jonathan Mitchell as a source to my fury, but conversely also uses Steve Silberman. Manuel Casanova (who I’m not sure of at present) is also sourced. It may be worth a separate blog entry.

But I loved this conversation!

Dr Kate Cushing;
“Note you’re an ‘autism advocate’, thought this wld mean you’d b supportive of @DaleksGamertag, a lovely young man w autism & who’s made great strides in his interactions w 000s of us on Twitter/in person. Whilst r some on @Twitter w mean/odious opinions, James isn’t one of them!”
Thomas Clements
“I know, James is all about love and kindness. So much so that if you don’t agree with him, he’ll quote-tweet you and set an army of middle-aged #FBPE sycophants on you to teach you otherwise. ??”
Mrs Karen Hoyles
“Good for him.”
Thomas Clements
“I know. Nothing like having a baying mob of boomers fighting your corner. ????”
Chris Walmsley
“I think this an appropriate moment to say “Suck it up ,snowflake””

Round of applause for Chris! I’ll bet that all James did was call Clements out on his lies as I’m doing here, and Clements had a sarcastic whine about it. Chris got it absolutely right!

More to come hopefully. How many times have I said that before? I’m a seriously disorganised procrastinator, but I try!

The dangerous myths of Yuval Levental

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What is Autism? Not what Clements says

On Tuesday August 27, 2019, Thomas Clements wrote an opinion piece in the Guardian claiming that the term “Autism” has become too broad a definition and assumes that the application of neurodiversity ignores those at the lower end of the Autistic spectrum. This is far from the truth as are many others assertions Mr Clements made. I feel the need, as a formally diagnosed Autistic adult, to correct the record and in the process maybe re-educate him on what Autism truly is.

The Autistic spectrum as such is an interpretation of the core condition of Autism. This is what Mr Clements does not understand. He is trying to define the lower end of the spectrum as real Autism and anything elsewhere on the spectrum is not. This is not true. Every person diagnosed on the Autistic spectrum has the same core traits. The difference lies in the next step – how those traits present. In high functioning Autistics such as myself, the traits are mild. In low functioning Autistics they are severe. But they are the same traits. Traits that need to be recognised and adjusted to. Those that do not adjust are the ones are generally of the ilk of Mr Clements – speaking negatively about the same traits but failing to recognise the behaviours also exist elsewhere on the spectrum.

Let’s look at the DSM-V, published in May 2013 and responsible primarily for the merger that Mr Clements is complaining about. Autism Spectrum Disorder 299.00 presents five diagnostic points. Part A speaks of deficits. These deficits are the same in all diagnosed Autistics, but as part of this there is a requirement for “severity”. That covers the difference that Mr Clements appears to believe isn’t being taken into account. Part B speaks of other behaviours where two of the four criteria need only exist for a potential ASD diagnosis. Again, “severity” is also mentioned as part of the process so the differences of Part A are also covered for. Part C speaks of the timeline of symptoms and takes note of delays in diagnosis due to delayed social demands in some instances. That is more likely in high functioning Autistics, but it still picks it up – simply because it is the same trait. Part D uses the term “significant” but even then severity would still be widely variable. Significant is not an objective work in psychiatry and so forth, and yet it would appear Mr Clements wants a narrowing of that definition. This would impact poorly on those at the higher end of the spectrum such as myself who have fallen through the cracks of the system. Part E presents the exceptions of Intellectual Developmental Disorder (although that can be co-morbid with Autism as the criteria actually notes) or a Global Developmental Delay from an entirely different source (deprivation springs to mind as one example). It is my view that some self identifications of Autism are errors that are actually better explained by a Global delay and are therefore not Autistic.

So the DSM-V clearly shows that the traits are the same but the levels of severity can vary widely. This is the correct interpretation of the Autistic spectrum. Not the version Mr Clements is promoting in his piece.

Another error that Mr Clements makes is identifying neurodiversity as a movement, and not it’s original and correct meaning of brain difference. His criticisms are in fact directed at the Autism Rights Movement – our right to be who we are and not what society wants us to be. His opposition to this is counter productive as it is restricting his own rights and those of his brother who is lower on the spectrum than he is. I have never seen anyone in the Autism Rights Movement oppose treatment for ADHD, dyslexia or dyspraxia – or even Autism. The point is those treatments in the case of Autism at least should not be described as treatments. They should be described as supports – no different to the supports rights groups give marginalised people based on race, religion and so on. Anything that is co-morbid to the Autistic spectrum should be treated separately.

I put this to Mr Clements and his supporters – those who are at the lower end of the spectrum can be brought up said spectrum. However there is a restriction – it can only be done in childhood, and the earlier the better. The key to it though is to find what is causing the extreme behaviours, and I believe the cause to be sensory overload. Autistics are sensory sensitive, but it varies between hyposensitive and hypersensitive. And the lower on the spectrum the Autistic is, the more pronounced the sensory sensitivity. But again – this is all based in one fact. Autism is a single condition.

Mr Clements wants the spectrum broken up. He will not get his way if I have any say in it because his view is demonstrably wrong. He claims to have an “eyes wide open” (my words) view of the Spectrum. His attitude contradicts this claim. He has not adjusted to the condition as he does not accept it as a part of being human. It is. Low functioning Autistics need support and lots of it, especially the adults who have been trapped by a sensory overload that has become ingrained – the one negative for them that doesn’t apply to the higher end of the spectrum. But this can be avoided in the future. And more importantly, coping mechanisms can be put in place based in tempering sensory overload as best as possible. The key is to find the source. That’s the hard part and requires trial and error. But it will not help anyone if the spectrum is divided up. It can’t be, because at the root it is the same condition. The claim that the lower functioning is being ignored by the higher functioning is totally wrong and offensive – and reflects on the people claiming it as having their own agenda to keep society fearful of Autism and of Autistics. And that we can not have.

Autism is not a medical disability

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Can there be a truce in the Autism War?

I skimmed an article on the Spectrum News website yesterday, which Michael John Carley in the comments called “naive”. I tend to agree even though the facts given were more or less right. The trouble was there was a lot missing from the war.

Michael identified one – the lack of mention of Autism Speaks. Bob and Suzanne Wright did huge amounts of damage to the Autism “brand” (for want of a better word) playing to people’s fears and trying to garner money for research to find a cure. And it worked. Money came rolling in, and people started to believe that Autism could and should be cured as a disease when it shouldn’t and isn’t.

Naturally this got many who understood Autism at the coal face angry. Ari Ne’eman led the charge in the United States, and it’s a shame that Autism Speaks at that time didn’t have their charity status taken off them as a hate group – something that apparently could have been done. But no one bothered. And now since Suzanne’s passing and Bob’s departure from the board things have improved somewhat, even though they still have a long way to go – certainly to eliminate the stench they have left in their wake. At least the money is now going to support services and not research into a cure.

One of the big errors that those who support a cure make about neurodiversity is that it’s a “movement”. It’s not. It’s practical fact. All human brains are different as seen on the page on it on this blog. They go down that track because they see the claim as trying to normalise Autism into something not to worry about. That’s not true at all. In fact speaking for myself I find that offensive to the max. What people don’t get is Autism is not all about what you see in a person on the Spectrum. It’s about what’s underneath. The base of the condition. It’s all the same in every Autistic. What’s different is the next step – the expression. And this is where the variations come in with a single factor at the source of it – sensory sensitivity. No or little sensory overload means high functioning (ie like my good self). Major sensory overload means low functioning. And all points in between.

The base condition is what needs to be understood first and the lack of understanding is at the very core of the war Spectrum News is talking about. People don’t want to understand and prefer their own interpretation or that of quacks who don’t understand either. That brings in the anti vaccine fools claiming vaccines cause Autism, or other fools who make other environmental claims. The one that irks me the most aside from the vaccine BS is the claim of DNA damage – and that’s where the criticism is coming for the National Council on Severe Autism, courtesy of their co-founder Jill Escher. She’s not the only one. Another co-founder, Feda Almaliti, insists that the only treatment for low functioning Autism is Applied Behavioural Analysis, and that’s not true either – especially if it is used as an aversive. It can also be used in reverse which is possible, but the bottom line is that it does nothing to fix the problem that caused the regression down the Spectrum in the first place – the sensory overload. Then of course there’s Alison Singer, who has never revoked her claim in the Autism Speaks video “Autism Every Day” about wanting to drive herself and her Autistic child off a bridge. Amy Lutz should choose better company.

What Amy wants herself is admirable – better supports for low functioning Autistics. I’m all for that and so should everyone else. Yes, even at the expense of the high functioning because the fact is they need it more. I’m not saying the high functioning should be ignored (heck no!) but put it this way. In 2007 Australian organisation AEIOU did a study identifying the expense of bringing up an Autistic child and helping an Autistic adult across the Spectrum averages out to $5.8 billion a year. Based on Australia’s population at the time and the then prevalence rate of Autism that came to about $29,000 per Autistic per year. Now I could do with a leg up financially but I don’t need that much. About $10,000 would be about right. And there are those who don’t need it at all because they’ve found their niche and have a job and so on. Now on that basis, my lower amount would push $19,000 to a lower functioning Autistic making $48,000. And remembering those that don’t need anything, low functioning Autistic need even more. And that is fair enough.

The trouble is Amy must think that no one on our side of the war supports what she wants. There are some who are opposing guardianship orders for low functioning Autistics, with the reason being “Were they consulted?” What if they can’t communicate at all? Those Autistics do exist. By all means try to find a way, but the first part of that is to find the cause of the sensory overload that put them there to begin with. With adults at the lower end of the Spectrum, this is almost impossible. If one can’t communicate with the Autistic, what choice does one have? As long as all points of the law are followed through to the conclusion, no one has any reason to object.

Will there be a truce? At present the answer is no. Simply because there are a lot of stubborn people who just refuse to fully understand the whole deal. I have tried. I have identified the bad people and the good people, and made a couple of changes over the years when I find out something about someone that I didn’t know before – such as the person’s true commitment to diversity and respect for it. One thing I’ve found in common with those on the wrong side of the fence is that they have very little tolerance in diversity in general. Homophobia is present. So it misogyny. There is even racism. It’s not something you find on the right side of the fence although as I said there are exceptions as I have found. But those exceptions are always limited to just one aspect and not the whole mess of them.

I believe I have the answers. My problem right now is getting that message out there. It’s improving, but I won’t stand for people (looking at one in particular) trying to gag me. Those people are scared of me because I’m telling the truth about Autism, and about the people I have criticised over the years. I don’t believe I can win the war by myself. That’s idealistic to the max. But I can do my bit. And it’s going to take time.

Meanwhile – there will be no truce. Not while Autistics are suffering at the hands of idiots who think they know better when they have no idea what they are doing.

Here’s the article I’m talking about from Spectrum News;

In search of truce in the autism wars

Calling out Yuval Levental

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